Magnificent Magnesium

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Next time you’re in for treatment, ask me about supplemental Magnesium instead of Calcium.coveryogastrengthg_600x450

Magnesium has received a lot of buzz lately. Recent studies have found that nearly 68% of Americans are low in the RDA for magnesium (a pitifully low dietary suggestion to begin with) and that a projected 200 million Americans suffer the consequences of magnesium deficiency. But why? Activating over 300 enzymatic reactions and assisting with thousands of biochemical functions within the body, magnesium’s vital role as a healing agent has a far-reaching medicinal history. This magnificent mineral has been the subject of documented western research dating as far back as the 1600’s! Yet, due to several haphazard trends of our modern health and dietary practices, this essential mineral has detrimentally slid off the radar until now- even for some of the most avid “health seekers.”

3 Reasons Why You Might be Magnesium Deficient

1. Synthetic Supplements & Fortification
Some vitamins and minerals are consumed at overwhelmingly high rates while others are neglected. A tragic example of this asymmetry is the ignored physiological relationship of calcium and magnesium. Calcium is responsible for signaling muscle contraction, whereas magnesium is required for muscle relaxation. While research has confirmed that calcium to magnesium ratios in the paleolithic diet were 1:1, our “bone building calcium-craze” has left modern individuals with a warped exposure, reaching anywhere from 5:1 to 15:1 ratio. Studies have clearly demonstrated that excess calcium destroys magnesium, while magnesium supplementation significantly improves the body’s use of calcium.

2. Caffeine, Alcohol & Carbonation
Caffeine-containing beverages like coffee, tea and soda are all stimulants that have a diuretic effect. Once ingested, they have been found to cause an accelerated flushing of magnesium through the kidneys, regardless of whether or not your body needs the magnesium. The body’s physiological need for magnesium is secondary to the diuretic effects! Coupled with high caffeine content, dark-colored sodas contain phosphates which bind magnesium in the digestive tract, preventing any gastric mineral assimilation. Alcohol, on the other hand, is a depressant, but through suppression of anti-diuretic hormone (ADH), it also causes increased magnesium loss through the kidneys. Moreover, alcohol contributes to Vitamin D deficiency as well as digestive malfunction, further minimizing the body’s ability to absorb magnesium effectively.

3. Chronic Stress
Research has found that the frequent release of adrenaline and cortisol involved in an unresolved stress response is strongly correlated with decreased magnesium. What’s worse is that it all works in a vicious cycle: since magnesium is an integral part of nerve conduction and electrolyte balance, low levels can confound sensations of anxiety, sleep disturbance and depression.

“I’m convinced that to get enough magnesium today, you need to take supplements” 

-Dr. Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D. author of The Magnesium Miracle

Content Courtesy of Radiant Life Company

Thrive in Cold Season

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At a time of year when sniffles abound and everyone seems to be armed with a pocketful of tissues, it is important to take special care in supporting your body’s natural defense systems.  The essential function of our exquisitely designed immune system is to defend against the millions of bacteria, microbes, toxins, parasites and viruses that look to invade it.  When the immune system is working optimally, our lymphocytes are able to engulf the germs we are exposed to daily.  A strong immune system helps foster a healthier, more active and enjoyable life.  However, when stressors exist, immune system helps foster a healthier, more active andenjoyable life.  However, when stressors exist, they may disrupt this delicate balance, resulting in sickness or disease.  Don’t wait until it’s too late—there are many simple and effective steps that you can take each day to build your immune system:

  • follow a nutrient-dense diet
  • exercise daily
  • get solid sleep: 8-9 hours and try an Earthing sheet
  • maintain a healthy weight
  • drink plenty of purified, mineralized water
  • avoid excesses

Superfood supplements can also boost your body’s defenses by providing powerful nutrients and cofactors it needs to ideal protection and rapid healing.  Try a general multi-vitamin in addition to vitamin C (500mg), B vitamins, vitamin D (5000 I.U. daily), magnesium (400mg), and zinc (30mg).

-adapted from Radiant Life Company

Ultra Runner’s Success

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The training load for Ultra Marathons is rigorous and breaks the legs down. Having ran for almost two years with various nagging injuries and more recently, been plagued with frustrating IT band complications, I started to think my Ultra Marathon days were over. Since being treated by Dr. Johanna, my IT band issues and related nagging injuries have no longer been a problem. Every time I leave a treatment, I feel lighter, faster and stronger. My fire for running has been reignited as a result of the treatment performed by Dr. Johanna.


SI Joints and Sciatica

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Dr. Lelke has helped me heal from SI joint dysfunction and sciatica. I always feel much better after her adjustments. The ART techniques she performs are very effective. She’s great at answering questions and explaining my condition to me. I’ve learned how to better take care of myself so that I can look forward to more pain-free days. After lots of hip work, it’s always a bonus when she also releases tension in my spine. =)


Active Release Techniques (ART)®

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A movement-based style of deep massage patented by P. Michael Leahy, DC, CCSP,  ART® allows access to more than three hundred muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia and nerves. Through examination, orthopedic testing and precise palpation, Dr. Lelke simultaneously diagnoses and treats overused musculature, evaluating texture, tightness and range of motion before combining directed pressure with selections from more than five hundred prescribed patient movements. ART® reduces scar tissue from accumulated micro-tears, injury or hypoxia, ultimately lengthening, strengthening and releasing compromised areas of the body.

Rotator Cuff Strain

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When I strained a rotator cuff muscle while rock climbing, I came to Dr. Lelke to “fix it up.” I was immediately impressed with her and the techniques she employed. But she didn’t stop there. Dr. Lelke provided me with an extensive routine of stretching and strengthening exercises that not only helped me recover, but also helped strengthen my arm against future injury. I’m back to full strength and climbing better than before!


For the Athlete

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I’m an athlete who’s received excellent treatment from Dr. Lelke, and a Berkeley-based bodyworker who’s referred my own clients to her. Why? A holistic approach to chiropractic that emphasizes soft-tissue work alongside the usual adjustments. No quick cracks, then back to the car, where your still-tight musculature will ruin your recent treatment. Dr. Lelke backs up her clinical knowledge with an approachable, interested and down-to-earth tableside manner.

A Stronger Core

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Johanna is very professional, knowledgeable and cautious. I also appreciate how skillfully she integrates Pilates and yoga exercises to actively build up targeted muscle groups, aiding long-term healing rather than a short-term fix. My lower back issues are gone after ART® and core exercises, and I have returned to my active lifestyle.

Pinpoint the Injury

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Dr. Lelke was able to pinpoint the exact place where I was injured in my ankle (my prior chiropractor couldn’t identify the right spot), and with super strong fingers, I could feel the healing occur. Dr. Lelke is understanding, very professional, and always sensitive to my pain levels. She is a fantastic practitioner, highly recommended for active folks who want to be in top shape for their sport or activity.