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Keep up the social distancing

By 03/23/2020June 15th, 2021Blog

It’s been 1 week since Onsight closed on March 16, a day ahead of the City’s and County’s shelter in place ordinances. We know it’s been difficult on everyone, but we extend extra support and gratitude for those in the healthcare community who are taking care of the sick and most vulnerable people. As chiropractors, we normally work with a healthy and active population during their times of injury and physical discomfort. For now, we feel that the best way to serve our community is by joining all of you in staying at home to halt the community spread of the Coronavirus. As soon as we begin to see the plateau of the disease curve, only then will we first open up our doors to urgent patient visits. We have elevated our standard office hygiene and disinfecting protocols to match the current need. We will let you know as soon as we’re ready to resume caring for you. Stay well, get fresh air and exercise daily, and keep your 6-foot distance from others for now.

Much love,
Dr. Johanna Lelke, owner

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