Well being loves company!

One of the greatest things about feeling better is being able to stretch and play, and we have some friends in the area to push and help you along as you explore. Tell them we sent you.

We encourage you to meet some of our friends.

Tell them we sent you!

PacWest Endurance

The Bay Area and beyond

PacWest produces remotely coached indoor cycle classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 6a. PacWest’s free annual membership gives you access to endurance training meet-ups in cycling and running throughout the Bay Area; first invitation to coached regional triathlon training camps; and discounts for product vendors and service providers. Father-daughter coaching team, Jay and Emily Ridgeway, offer customized training plans and 1-on-1 coaching for your next big endurance event.

Check out PacWest Endurance.

Grassroots CrossFit


At Grassroots CrossFit, they use functional fitness to turn everyday people into athletes. They teach you how to safely use your body to squat, pull, press, run, jump, row, and much more so that you are ready for anything. Their community will welcome you wherever you are in your fitness journey and support you every step of the way to becoming stronger, faster, and fitter. You don’t need to be in shape to start; you just need to be ready to learn new skills, work hard, and have some fun! Their coaches will guide you through constantly varied strength and conditioning workouts designed to help you become fit for life!

Check out Grassroots CrossFit.

Bridges Rock Gym

El Cerrito

A friendly, unfussy place for bouldering, slacklining, yoga and fitness, Bridges is where fun meets healthy lifestyles. Great for families, students, yogis and hard-core mountaineers alike, there’s a unique community vibe here that ties every effort together.

Check out Bridges Rock Gym.

Berkeley Ironworks


Known for its rustic tin warehouse shell and long routes in the lead cave, Ironworks is a major gathering place for Bay Area climbers. They prepare for ascents in Yosemite, Red Rocks and Lover’s Leap here. General fitness enthusiasts benefit from the weight training facility, cardio equipment, and numerous fitness classes.

Check out Berkeley Ironworks.

Brazen Racing

The whole Bay Area

Brazen Racing hosts trail running events, laying courses that range from three to thirty-one miles and from flat ground to prolonged hill climbing, throwing down the gauntlet for even the most capable marathoners.

Check out Brazen Racing.

Alyssa Tennant

Women’s Empowerment Coach

Alyssa Tennant, MA is an ex-Googler, holds a masters’ degree in Integrative Health and is a VITA™ Certified Women’s Empowerment Coach. Alyssa supports high-achieving women to care for themselves first. She draws on her expertise in high performance coaching and somatic parts work to shift cognitive and emotional patterns for lasting, effective change.

Book a free call on her website to address your relationship with:

  • Food, Money and Self Care
  • Work, Burnout and Achievement
  • Emotions, Stress and Time
  • Dating, Relationships and Breakups

Check out Alyssa Tennant.

Center for Mindful Medicine


Occasionally, our chiropractors may refer you to a naturopathic doctor for further evaluation. Dr. Stella Park is a wonderful local resource for us, specializing in:

  • Mind-Body Connection for Deep Healing
  • Cholesterol Management
  • Menopause Support
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Stress Management
  • Bio-Energetic Clearing and Restoration
  • Online Naturopathic Pharmacy

Check out Dr. Stella Park

Lucy Seligman

Bay Area based – Remote Services

Lucy Seligman, ACC, CCHT is a Hypno-Coach, certified both as a Hypnotherapist through the HCH Hypnotherapy Institute and as a coach through ICF (International Coaching Federation). 

More than “just” Life Coaching, Lucy provides her clients with a unique, integrative, somatic, and holistic approach to changing (and healing) your mind, body, and spirit. These include, but are not limited to, hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), guided visualizations, manifestation tactics, other energy tools and much more.

Hypno-Coaching is a mindful interactive approach to changing or bettering your life, so that you can enjoy it more, and learn to live in the present.

Book a free connection call with Lucy to see if Hypno-Coaching is right for you!
Grab your spot on her calendar now.

Holistic Hyperbarics


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a treatment for a number of often serious conditions that involves breathing 100% oxygen in a pressurized chamber. The pressurization allows for greater oxygen absorption in the body and hyperoxygenates the blood plasma in ways other treatments cannot. As your blood carries the oxygen throughout your body, it helps fight bacteria and stimulates the release of growth factors and stem cells, which promote healing.

HBOT has been used successfully in medical settings for treating decompression sickness, serious infections, and wounds that haven’t healed. It also helps improve recovery for a wide range of conditions, from athletic injuries and Lyme disease to diabetic wounds and head trauma.

Holistic Hyperbarics combines the effectiveness of medical-grade technology with a spa’s comfort, care, and hospitality to offer more rapid recovery in a soothing environment.

Check out Holistic Hyperbarics

Grateful Body

Through sincere integrity in both philosophy and method, Grateful Body sources the most organic, responsibly-farmed and wild-crafted ingredients possible for sensual, bioactive formulations that feed the skin and spirit. Dr. Lelke uses, enjoys and respects this uncommonly nutritive approach to beauty as a fundamental treat for healthy bodies.

Check out Grateful Body.

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