Well being loves company!

One of the greatest things about feeling better is being able to stretch and play, and we have some friends in the area to push and help you along as you explore. Tell them we sent you.

We encourage you to meet some of our friends.

Tell them we sent you!

PacWest Endurance

The whole Bay Area

Northern California’s largest outdoor fitness organization, PacWest produces strength and conditioning personal training at our Berkeley office. Group endurance training in cycling, running, swimming and triathlon flavors throughout the northern California region. Their headquarters is shared with Onsight Chiropractic in Berkeley. Cross paths with Coach Karina the next time you’re in for a treatment.

Check out PacWest Endurance.

Onsight Chiropractic | Community | Bridges Rock Gym

Bridges Rock Gym

El Cerrito

A friendly, unfussy place for bouldering, slacklining, fitness and massage, Bridges is where you’ll find Dr. Lelke teaching her weekly Vinyasa class (when she’s not watching her three-year-old niece scale the vertical walls with some top-rope backup). Fun for families, students, yogis and hard-core mountaineers alike, there’s a unique community vibe here that ties every efort together.

Check out Bridges Rock Gym.

Onsight Chiropractic | Community | Iron Works

Berkeley Ironworks


Known for its rustic tin warehouse shell and long routes in the lead cave, Ironworks is a major gathering place for Bay Area climbers. Dr. Lelke has prepared for climbs in Yosemite, Red Rocks and Lover’s Leap here, and volunteers as a consultant for sports injuries.

Check out Berkeley Ironworks.

Onsight Chiropractic | Community | Brazen Racing

Brazen Racing

The whole Bay Area

Brazen Racing hosts trail running events, laying courses that range from three to thirty-one miles and from flat ground to prolonged hill climbing, throwing down the gauntlet for even the most capable marathoners.

Check out Brazen Racing.

Onsight Chiropractic | Community | West Berkeley Wellness Center

West Berkeley Wellness Center

Licensed Acupuncturists and Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors

This beautiful clinic on 7th St. is staffed by three caring and skilled acupuncturists. They offer traditional acupuncture treatments plus a must-try microcurrent facial treatment. Also, inquire about their Eminence skin care products.

Check out West Berkeley Wellness Center.

Onsight Chiropractic | Chiropractic Care | Massage Therapy | Corporate Wellness

Lynne Anne, Somatic Experiencing Therapist


Alternatively, Dr. Lelke may refer you to Lynne Anne for somatic treatment. Informed by more than thirty years of experience, she combines talking therapy, healing touch and the embodiment practices of connecting with breath, sensory awareness and movement to help her clients overcome trauma and accumulated stress.

Check out Somatic Experiencing Therapy.

Onsight Chiropractic | Chiropractic Care | Massage Therapy | Corporate Wellness

Mike Papciak, BA, CMT


A fellow climber, Mike has quickly built a thriving practice in deep tissue massage. Sensitive to the comfort of every client and deft at correcting the stubborn aches with which devoted athletes habitually struggle, Mike meets you where you are and delights in helping you onward.

Check out Mike Papciak Bodywork Home.

Onsight Chiropractic | Chiropractic Care | Massage Therapy | Corporate Wellness

Grateful Body

Through sincere integrity in both philosophy and method, Grateful Body sources the most organic, responsibly-farmed and wild-crafted ingredients possible for sensual, bioactive formulations that feed the skin and spirit. Dr. Lelke uses, enjoys and respects this uncommonly nutritive approach to beauty as a fundamental treat for healthy bodies.

Check out Grateful Body.

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