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Announcing Free Healthy Class Series

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1st Tuesday of Every Month, a New Class to Build Your Healthy Life

Our free classes are limited to 10 participants, so it’s important to you RSVP accordingly. You’ll find up-to-date information if you follow us on our Facebook Page:

March 7: Foam Rolling for your Lower Body

With Dr. Jen Falk, RSVP to:

April 4: Intro to the TRX System & Its Role in Personal Training

with Coach Emily Ridgeway,, RSVP to:

May 2: Seize the Day: Strategies for Productivity

with Alyssa Tennant,, RSVP to:

June 6: Foam Rolling for the Upper Body

with Dr. Jen Falk, RSVP to:

July 11: Why CorePac BootCamp?

with Coach Emily Ridgeway,, RSVP to:

August 1: Hip-Centered Yoga for Low Back Pain Relief

with Dr. Johanna Lelke, RSVP to: