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SI Joints and Sciatica

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Dr. Lelke has helped me heal from SI joint dysfunction and sciatica. I always feel much better after her adjustments. The ART techniques she performs are very effective. She’s great at answering questions and explaining my condition to me. I’ve learned how to better take care of myself so that I can look forward to more pain-free days. After lots of hip work, it’s always a bonus when she also releases tension in my spine. =)


Active Release Techniques (ART)®

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A movement-based style of deep massage patented by P. Michael Leahy, DC, CCSP,  ART® allows access to more than three hundred muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia and nerves. Through examination, orthopedic testing and precise palpation, Dr. Lelke simultaneously diagnoses and treats overused musculature, evaluating texture, tightness and range of motion before combining directed pressure with selections from more than five hundred prescribed patient movements. ART® reduces scar tissue from accumulated micro-tears, injury or hypoxia, ultimately lengthening, strengthening and releasing compromised areas of the body.

Rotator Cuff Strain

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When I strained a rotator cuff muscle while rock climbing, I came to Dr. Lelke to “fix it up.” I was immediately impressed with her and the techniques she employed. But she didn’t stop there. Dr. Lelke provided me with an extensive routine of stretching and strengthening exercises that not only helped me recover, but also helped strengthen my arm against future injury. I’m back to full strength and climbing better than before!


For the Athlete

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I’m an athlete who’s received excellent treatment from Dr. Lelke, and a Berkeley-based bodyworker who’s referred my own clients to her. Why? A holistic approach to chiropractic that emphasizes soft-tissue work alongside the usual adjustments. No quick cracks, then back to the car, where your still-tight musculature will ruin your recent treatment. Dr. Lelke backs up her clinical knowledge with an approachable, interested and down-to-earth tableside manner.

A Stronger Core

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Johanna is very professional, knowledgeable and cautious. I also appreciate how skillfully she integrates Pilates and yoga exercises to actively build up targeted muscle groups, aiding long-term healing rather than a short-term fix. My lower back issues are gone after ART® and core exercises, and I have returned to my active lifestyle.

Pinpoint the Injury

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Dr. Lelke was able to pinpoint the exact place where I was injured in my ankle (my prior chiropractor couldn’t identify the right spot), and with super strong fingers, I could feel the healing occur. Dr. Lelke is understanding, very professional, and always sensitive to my pain levels. She is a fantastic practitioner, highly recommended for active folks who want to be in top shape for their sport or activity.


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I now feel like I actually know why my back has been hurting me for the past ten years, and I know what to do about it. I greatly appreciated how she took the time to show me strengthening exercises and stretches so that I won’t have to get adjustments as frequently. After my visit with Dr. Lelke, I feel empowered to make some changes in my daily habits that will affect my back as well as my general health.

Back-to-Hiking Knees

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My knees have always bothered me, but Dr. Lelke assured me that my activity level did not have to suffer from my pain. She confidently assessed me, taught me much about my body and movement, and gave me a range of treatments, from massage to realigning my hips and an adjustment that completely released all the tension build-up in my back. After years of feeling like “I’ll just have to learn to live with pain,” Johanna proved I can still do the hiking and exploring I love. She truly understands the athlete’s body and how to fix it.

Active Release Techniques®

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I had acute onset of severe muscle spasm and pain in my neck and upper back. I was extremely impressed with Dr. Lelke’s gentle and thorough approach, and the Active Release Techniques® she used were incredible! I had immediate relief of my symptoms, and the results have lasted.
-Dr. Denise-

Kinesio® Taping

By Arrive No Comments

For more than twenty-five years, Kinesio® taping, created by Dr. Kenzo Kase to mimic  the feel and elasticity of skin, has been facilitating natural healing processes by stabilizing muscles and joints without restricting motion. Rather than immobilizing joints like traditional sports tape, Kinesio® tape secures the surrounding muscle by microscopically lifting the skin, promoting circulation while re-educating the neuromuscular system and discouraging further damage. As a certified practitioner, Dr. Lelke was featured in an October 2009 Triathlete article about Kinesio® taping’s relevance to sports performance, pain management and physical therapy.