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By 03/26/2014Blog

Special Offer for Spring 2014*, because this is the time of year when we need to balance all of our fitness ambitions with healing the imbalances and dysfunctions that creep in. I love watching patients reach for their best athletic performances. As always, my treatments combine adjustments with Graston, ART, and other PT.

10 Comprehensive Treatments (30 mins): $650 (saves you $150)
10 Brief Treatments (15 mins): $400 (saves you $100)
10 Extended Treatments (45 mins): $1020 (saves you $180)

5 Comprehensive Treatments (30 mins): $340 (saves you $60)
5 Brief Treatments (15 mins): $215 (saves you $35)
5 Extended Treatments (45 mins): $535 (saves you $65)

This promotion encourages you to finally get the care that you need and make the most out of your spring training season! New patients may also take advantage of this special offer without incurring any extra fee for the initial examination. Start your spring series by booking online!

*Must use all pre-paid visits by the Summer Solstice on June 21, 2014. Sorry, no refunds. Not to be used in combination with insurance billing.

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