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Get Fired Up!

Warm-ups in Detail

Here you are, about to start run, the weather is great, you got your favorite sneakers on or about to start a Pilates class and sweat enough to save California from any upcoming drought. Well hold up champ, before you jump into it you just might want to do a proper warm up first. We here at Onsight came up with 3 easy tips to make sure you are getting as much from your workout as possible without ending up face first on the pavement with a sprained ankle.

First off, start slow and gradually build up tempo. Imagine yourself as a powerful, unstoppable freight train that needs to build up momentum. This one goes out to all of you morning runners out there, there is no shame is starting just a bit slower than your normal pace, trust me.

Second do dynamic stretches whenever you can. This means instead of touching your toes you do leg swings. Start gentle and gradually work your way up like a pendulum. You can also swing your leg side to side, just make sure you are holding onto something. These are an especially better alternative you are going to do unpredictable movements, as in soccer, volleyball or fighting.

Third, do a little core before your main workout, even if it involves core down the line. Nothing serious, just a few seconds in plank and maybe Russian twists. Forget crunches, and if you want to know why, check out my earlier post on core exercises. This one is my favorite as I noticed in my workouts (even running!) that a little core can go a long way for better performance and muscle engagement.

Now go out and get sweaty! Did I miss any of your favorite warmups, let me know at

This article was written by Dr. Nick Predtechensky.

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