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Importance of a Lumbar Roll

A Work-Life Tip from Dr. Espinoza

95% of low back pain is biomechanical in nature. That means there are things we can do to reduce the amount aggravating positions in your low back. We have all heard to sit up straight and not to slouch when you sit. Easier said than done when you are working against gravity!  One of the simplest ways to encourage proper behavior is to use a lumbar roll when sitting, especially when sitting on a large soft couch. Placement of the roll or pillow is key to the success of this tip. Many times people place the roll too high for the pillow to do its job. We want to place the pillow in the lower half of the curve where the lumbar spine meets the pelvis or “belt line” for most people.  This can generally be easy to find as it is typically where the pain originates from. In addition, you do not need a fancy roll to get relief. Many times a throw pillow or rolled up towel will provide enough support to get the job done. Lastly, make sure you are also sitting back as far as possible so that you are on your hamstrings or ”sit bones” as opposed to your tailbone being curled under your body. Keeping the correct curve in your back is a great way to reduce low back pain and using a support pillow helps make this easy!

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