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Rehabilitation Exercises

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Linking office and home care with prescribed exercises reduces recovery time and costs while strengthening the body to avoid repeated issues. As part of your treatment, Dr. Lelke will teach you simple movements that you can practice on your own, from ball or foam rolling to yoga poses to balance, stability and strengthening tactics, cultivating proper posture and correction of strain.

Electric Stimulation

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Called “muscle stim” among physical therapists, electric stimulation is achieved by activating a light current through electrodes set on the skin. Directly provoking contraction relaxes muscles in spasm and spikes endorphins, lessening pain.

Graston Technique®

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When healing hands need added impact, Dr. Lelke uses Graston Technique® to break down scar tissue and fascial traps with stainless steel instruments that help her detect and correct fibrosis and chronic inflammation. Developed by athletes, Graston Technique® is applied by more than thirteen thousand clinicians worldwide for its ability to relieve conditions thought to be permanent through a succinct course of treatment.