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Massage and your Lymphatic System, huh?!

As if you need another reason to get a massage.

The lymphatic system is made up of small glands that spread throughout your entire body containing lymph fluid. This precious fluid contains B-cells and T-cells which create antibodies, destroy microscopic pathogens, and remove cellular waste. There is a higher concentration of these glands, also called lymph nodes, in the groin, neck, and armpits. The lymph system is similar in function to your circulatory system. Your heart pumps blood through your arteries, helping to circulate your blood. However, your lymph system has no pump to help it move along. That’s why you need exercise, dry brushing and massage to help the lymph to circulate!

Massage can increase lymphatic drainage by more than 50% of what it would normally do with just your daily movement. White blood cells increase with massage which strengthens the immune system. Keep your immune system strong and your lymph fluid moving (especially during the “cold season”) with a therapeutic massage!

Amanda Upchurch, Certified Massage Therapist, is the author of this post. She can be reached at

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