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Thrive in Cold Season

By 02/19/2013Blog


At a time of year when sniffles abound and everyone seems to be armed with a pocketful of tissues, it is important to take special care in supporting your body’s natural defense systems.  The essential function of our exquisitely designed immune system is to defend against the millions of bacteria, microbes, toxins, parasites and viruses that look to invade it.  When the immune system is working optimally, our lymphocytes are able to engulf the germs we are exposed to daily.  A strong immune system helps foster a healthier, more active and enjoyable life.  However, when stressors exist, immune system helps foster a healthier, more active andenjoyable life.  However, when stressors exist, they may disrupt this delicate balance, resulting in sickness or disease.  Don’t wait until it’s too late—there are many simple and effective steps that you can take each day to build your immune system:

  • follow a nutrient-dense diet
  • exercise daily
  • get solid sleep: 8-9 hours and try an Earthing sheet
  • maintain a healthy weight
  • drink plenty of purified, mineralized water
  • avoid excesses

Superfood supplements can also boost your body’s defenses by providing powerful nutrients and cofactors it needs to ideal protection and rapid healing.  Try a general multi-vitamin in addition to vitamin C (500mg), B vitamins, vitamin D (5000 I.U. daily), magnesium (400mg), and zinc (30mg).

-adapted from Radiant Life Company

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